Neutron is a game engine that aims to promote flexibility with its modular design. At its core, it's structured ideally like an operating system kernel that schedules processes and manages the system hardware; in fact, Neutron manages a number of subsystems (for timing, input device management, graphics and GUI rendering, physics simulation, audio and so on), and a set of tasks that can interact with them, providing mechanisms for communication among such tasks and subsystems. Tasks can update subsystem states periodically, and games that make use of the engine can pass their own tasks to the it to add game-specific processing to what is provided by the engine core.

The flexibility of Neutron lies in how different games can choose to make use of a specific implementation of a subsystem to take advantage of its peculiarities, and in how new subsystem back-ends can be added to the engine. See the FAQ for use cases examples.

This page contains documentation resources for the Neutron Engine.

Doxygen API documentation

Doxygen HTML and LaTeX documentation for the engine API can be produced by running the doxygen utility on the provided doxyfile in the source distribution, or manually running the commands:

make doc

which will do it for you on Linux, Mac OS X, CygWin or Windows-based UNIX-like shell systems. The same documentation will be posted here on occasion of each packaged release of the engine code.

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Other forms of documentation

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